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Coaching Made Simple

Congratulations you made it here, you have taken your first steps and recognised that you want coaching, this is a great start. 

Hammill Consulting is a coaching practice, where I coach on an individual basis, in small focused groups and I also partner with organisations to provide independent coaching to complement their existing coaching provision.

This leads to the question, why should you choose Hammill Consulting for your coaching?

Simply put no matter what your background is, my approach to coaching is to treat everybody equally, this is important to me and key to my value of inclusion. I am interested in understanding you the person, what motivates you and what really makes you tick. I want to hear what you have to say and this sits firmly with my value of non-judgemental listening. In a calm, and supportive environment that generates trust, I will both listen and challenge, providing the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. Working together we can make that difference.

My offer is to coach you, this can either be in person, walking, via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or your collaboration platform of choice.

Interested in hearing more? Then let's start the conversation.

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